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Missing Messages

I have been sending regular messages to 2 gmail addresses and suddenly the recipients are not receiving them, one a business adress, the other a private address. Is there an issue with AOL at the moment? How do I communicate to these people when no phone numbers are available?
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Aol gold is rip off

I was told that the fee was $4.99. In plain language the New aol gold sucks.

If I have to pay I don't want to see ads all over my mail, reading or when I'm writing. Send to later folder is all messed up. It seems to crash more & runs slower. After using aol for 26 yrs I have a problem , all of my important banking, govt, insurance,& social connections only have my aol email address.

I can't even imagine trying to change all those connections. UGH. I read an email & clicked on 'mark unread' when I tried to pull it back up I only got the heading but NOT the info. Trying to send email to a group of friends & being told there is a problem, but no idea what is wrong.

I always used this group in my 9.8 desktop with no problems. I can't tell you how disappointed I am with this aol gold.

Besides having the audacity to charge for what is free on so many other levels it just doesn't work. I'm starting to change all my aol correspondence to another outlet.

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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

The new format totally sucks! I send a lot of emails to groups of people by saving them in drafts.

You can no longer simply copy a group of 10-30 people off the drafts I save and paste in a new email. Pasting doubles ALOT to the new email so I spend minutes deleting the damn doubles.

WHY can’t AOL fix this after I reported it within days of this terrible format? What a sad change!!!



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aol app on android is horrible too many stories too much worthless news and I can,t use anything else but the AOL app.Total money making mess, I have had AOL for 20+ years. As far as AOL gold forget it. SLOW

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I agree 100%. I have had aol since the dial up days.

It has gotten worse. I receive nothing but spam. You cannot get rid of it.

They add their bias opinion news (so called) articles which is false lies or scams. I'm leaving aol with no regrets.



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I have been a member of AOL for over 25 years. I want to express that I am highly offended by the biased censoring of your comments on the Public Comments on the very biased AOL HUFF post stories being published.

This is a free world guaranteed by the first Amendment and that includes whether you are a liberal, conservative or independent. This is not meant to give AOL or HUFF POST the right to censor anyone's comments if THEY do not agree with them. You have offended me and taken away my first amendment right.

I am reporting you to the FCC as I personally feel this action is in violation of the standards and regulations of public commentaries. Linda (Lin) D Ford linsapco@***.com

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Good luck with your FCC complaint but AOL is a private company just like Facebook,, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.. They own the companies and set the rules.

Depriving you of your first amendment is not on top of their list. Guess what? Just like you, they also have first amendment rights. That includes censoring harmful misinformation and disinformation or posting derogative and harmful content.

Don't know what you posted but apparently you're miffed that your post was deleted. It couldn't have been in the company's best interest to allow it.


ads everywhere , loading is slow, can't block 20-30 filthy emails everyday because aol took away the allow only feature, when chatting it freezes up then you get booted..after a minute a white screen brings you back " i've warned aol 10's of times about this and they do nothing or it goes away for a few weeks and comes back, racism and flthy chatting and threats like someone is gonna boil you in boiling water or they wanna suck guys d---s happens always and when reported TOS and aol they do nothing, the notify aol feature in chat is useless and works maybe 3 times then does nothing, half naked pictures on the news page and now a advertisement for brousing half naked women, you try to read news stories and you are blasted with ads flashing in your face..I pay for a internet service..not for a trash service


Yeah, AOL has really gone downhill. Website incompatibilities are everywhere and I was surprised to see that despite needing to pay to use their browser now (who even does that nowadays?...), the browser's quality has not improved and integrated ads are still rampant despite paying.

So they are double dipping. That all being said, you could get another browser that is actually good and free such as Firefox then put an adblocker on it (AOL doesn't even allow browser extensions like that, probably so they can keep showing you ads of their own) then just go to the AOL mail website and log in because even if you cancel the gold browser subscription, you should still be able to keep your Email as it's free. But make sure to manually copy over your favorites before cancelling if you have any because they seem inaccessible if you can't use the browser. Why I say manually is because unfortunately other browsers can't seem to be able to import favorites from AOL like they can from each other.

Yet another bad oversight on AOL's part... The fastest method I found is to have both browsers open side by side, open a favorite in AOL, then copy the URL to Firefox or whatever other browser you would like to migrate to and bookmark it. Yep, it seemingly has to be one by one... You can organize your bookmarks on the new browser as you see fit after that or as you go though.

So I hope you don't have many bookmarks. How do I know all of this? Because I dropped AOL after all the issues they had and had to do all of that myself.

However, I never regretted the decision because other browsers just run better. It may take a little work to get yourself set up on another browser, but it's certainly a lot less work than trying to get AOL Desktop Gold working on a regular basis.

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AOL was my first introduction to the www. I had them for years and I still use a part that doesn't cost anything.

I have DuckDuckGo, the chrome browser, and even Safari because it is built into my iPhone and I can't get rid of it and it's intertwined with the many iPhone features that don't work properly if I deleted it. I tried with no luck so I tend to use the other two. To recover my Google account if I get locked out I put 3 ways to recover that account. I use my AOL email, my phone number, and device I use all the time like my iPhone model.

I have the BRAVE browser and OPERA browsers on stand by. I don't know if I have it set up right because I'm constantly bombarded with a notification bubble bar across my screen Everytime I get sent a message through spam at times. Or a political message ( Once you donate to your favorite party, the messages to donate again start coming alot as well as email too. AOL usually sends me the a lot of Daily Kos messages.

( A left wing news magazine).

I must have set it up to do that as I am proudly a democrat. Anyway, you have choices.

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AOL Gold

Aol Gold is a new aol service that I was forced to give up my old aol account and get the new AOL for a small monthly fee. Unfortunately I am very much disappointed.

It is very slow to sign in, emails open as blank and it freezes up all the times. I am very much disappointed. I be leaving Aol after being a member for over 14 years. Also there in no private viewing and the top speed that was on the old Aol is eliminated.

The function of adding unwanted emails to a block list is not there anymore and most importantly is this.

Aol Gold does not support Java. It does not allow the users to play Java games that is used by so many to plat with their friends on line.

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Reason of review:
Bad quality

I agree with the man about AOL Gold. It really sucks.

Maree Baw

I am so mad at aol gold paying a monthly fee and I continuously get OOPS messages either saying connection changed or something went wrong. What is the problem. Must I give up aol after 18 years?


My AOL Gold keeps booting off when I'm going through my emails or when I go on certain websites. Anyone else having this problem?

Anaiyah Tic
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Yes and it is beyond annoying! It is now happening to me about every 5 minutes and that is no exaggeration.


Why should I have to pay for AOL gold when I am already paying for AOL every month and have been for over ten years?


How do you get rid of AOL gold when you can still use regular aol without a charge. There is no difference really. It freezes etc and sometimes can't get emails and no other service charges.


AOL Gold is a disaster for the customer. It is plagued with problems, they have no way of fixing it, has monthly service charge, slow, customer services has the job of telling you know that they know it is broken and cant fix it but they still like your money.

Original AOL was adequate and user friendly. Do not sign up for this if you have a choice.


I have AOL Gold and have experienced freezing, unable to open emails, weird things. Recently I contacted my service provider thinking it was a problem with our internet service as well as contacted HP in case it was my computer, but neither found anything wrong. My last resort is to switch back (if possible) to AOL, it was so much better.


I am disapointed with this new AOL. Can no longer chat with friends like we use to.

Can no longer see if our friends are on line, no longer able to show if we are away from computer etc. Spam mail is filling up my mail box every single day and its rediculous !!! And you want to be able to read my messages !!!

You want total control of what i do???? I have been a loyal member since back in the 90"s but i am not fond of this AOL Gold !


I agree I hate AOL GOLD and yes I feel I was forced to get it and pay for something that SUCKS. It is the worse AOL I have ever had in all my years of using it.

I wish I never did it. Don't bother wasting your money because it is a waste!!!!!!!!

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Liberal AOL News

Former email provider Verizon discontinued this service. We opted for AOL service.

The news articles we see every day have a definite, strong Liberal slant...I am of the opinion, it is necessary to view both sides of an issue to help form an educated opinion...not sure how long we will stay with AOL, but would really appreciate some conservative views on current issues! Not sure why I need to enter at least 100 words, but blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc.

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Reason of review:
Bad quality



They are 100% correct, it seems like every article is slanted toward the liberal viewpoint. It really was bad when Trump was in office and I had hoped maybe AOL would become more balanced when Biden took over but sadly no.


Looks like AOL has been complicit doing the slanting for Hillary. Forget bashing Trump and supply America. Respectfully, ...


Leave Aol and go watch Fox all day long , problem solved .

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aol you will self destruct its just a matter of time before you will no longer exist . wake up before its too late.


today fact check was all against conservatives and not all of the lies that Biden and his Secretary's have been putting out all week, Damn start being fair, don't it bother you that you so bias


I agree 100%. When Trump was in office his face was the first thing I would see when I signed on to AOL and 99% of it was negative.

When it comes to Biden its a whole different story.

Biden is a disgrace to this country and so is the media. Both enemies of the state.

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I have friends in the media and they also chooses to attempt to demonize a conservative politician...pretty soon they will be spying.


AOL news ticker is nothing but half brain thinking. I think that the fake ad copy writers have a new platform.


People say that Afghanistan was a training ground for terrorist. I think AOL is now a breeding ground for CNN and MSNBC journalistic terror.


Never use AOL news anymore

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Can’t login into

Aol - Can’t login into
Hello trying to login into my aol account but other one I dont have same phone number keep on asking me for verification code Jagerbomd@***.com dalton14
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User's recommendation: I got new phone number but asking for verification code

sadia h Abi

Worst service they are adding problem in AOL account when call for solution asking for money

I have an AOL email account. They are adding so many problems which are directly affecting my privacy because they attach my email account with an anonymous account. When I call for a solution, they waste my time and ask for money to remove the unknown email account linked with my AOL account. What a greedy company.
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  • Bad sevice
Maria O Yqw

Trying to log into my email but I cannot login help

I'm trying to log into my AOL mail but I cannot log into it they asking me for for my password and I don't remember it
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Preferred solution: Log into my email

Donetta D Cae
map-marker Park City, Utah

My email account has been hacked

My free email address has been signed off? Not by me! When I try to use AOL FREE support NOTHING HAPPENS! NOTHING WORKS. Now AOL says I have to pay them to get my email back. Apparently I will be unable to retrieve my 200+ emails and will need to go to another platform. AOL is proving to be such a disappointment!!!Don't use AOL.
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User's recommendation: Don't use AOL for email

Richard M Ufe

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AOL mail is going to trash

i still cannot receive my code from the bank i called the us bank who said the email gets dropped please assist me
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map-marker Asheville, North Carolina


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User's recommendation: DO NOT SIGN UP!!

Patricia W Tna


stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
AOL is the worse service. They provide no assistance to answering basic questions with regards to deleting sub email addresses. The organization fails miserably to answer why they are not able to view accounts. Issues drag out for weeks without a solution. The company should be reorganized due to incompetence
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  • Dealing with incompetence among the company

Preferred solution: Resolution to the problem of deactivating sub email accounts

User's recommendation: Cancel subscription

Patrick D Lqv

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| map-marker Salvador, Bahia

Conexão de repente, faz 3 dias, negada a minha conta de Seguro/mutual social (MGEN

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

De repente, desde o inicio da semana, após digitar o login e a senha absolutamente corretos, e escolhar a boa imagem para verificação, em vez de abrir-se, como desde sempre, o meu espaço pessoal, aparece a seguinte menção:

""Authorization Required This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser doesn't understand how to supply the credentials required"

Assim estou proibido de ter acesso ao meu proprio espaço pessoal de seguro social. Sublinho que é o unico caso de recusa de acesso, Todos os outros sites e links funcionam perfeitamente.

Agradeceria muito que arreglassem o problema.

Best regards,

Patrick Dahlet

(Bahia) Brasil

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User's recommendation: No AOL did'nt contact me. Nothing resolved. It's a schame.

Gaurav S Iyj

There is only one solution to this problem, either you can send me an email and verify whether yes, I am the same person or not because that address is mine and the email address is also mine. If you want, you can send an email.

If you want, you can send me the code for verification on the number given in my profile and can also verify from that, but these people are deliberately creating drama and are forcing me to keep that product at the cost of my life ,Within this topic, if I want, I can go to the court because there are 10 ways to reserve this Jesus, but you are not doing it with all your heart and I have entered the wrong number by mistake. That number is also invalid at the time of ordering. I tried calling him on the number but still the number is invalid. Where are you sending this code?

They are sending the code from where the code cannot be obtained. He will never get the code from the number.

Neha M Vqa

I want to change my product because it damage

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Can't open my emails.

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
Aol - Can't open my emails.

I can't open any of my emails. This issue started either last night or this morning.

At any rate, I tried calling customer support (twice), and both of them gave me options that didn't really do anything. I tried clearing my cookies/caches and opened the website on a different browser, but nothing worked. All they did was offer me subscriptions for premium services, which I didn't want! Both of them told me that no one called about the same issue I'm having.

I even told them that my ISP worked fine. The two customer service reps said I could only receive tech support's full services unless I signed up for a subscription.

Not like I can afford one ATM. It was a complete and total waste of my time.

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User's recommendation: I don't recommend using their customer service. Those guys clearly don't know what they're doing.

Media Expert Talks

Disinformation: Russian and Chinese trolls among us

Jun 16, 2022

How to know what’s fake on social media? In this video, Prof. Darren Linvill from Clemson University Media Forensics Hub explains how disinformation works, common tactics of political propaganda, the role of trolls, hashtags, and how to spot fake news.

Prof. Darren Linvill
Prof. Darren Linvill

Darren Linvill investigates data messaging and context accompanied by inauthentic behavior on social media networks. He also examines misinformation and disinformation in the rising field of social media forensics and data monitoring.

Dorothy W Wjd

Billing error

I need to talk to costumer service in the USA... I keep getting different countries...No one will connect me to the UShink twicet
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Preferred solution: I want my billing issue fixed

User's recommendation: Think twice

John H Gdo

Had to pay to reset pass word becaus they changed a security question.What at scam

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
They talk nonsense with a south Asian accent until you glve up.Drop AOL No other sites put you through this pain.Why would a legitimate org be be involved in that s.
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  • Scam

Preferred solution: Apology

Jamie M Env

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Verified Reviewer

Not able to contact a representative.Account was hacked

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
I tried calling and email, no representative has been available to answer. My aol account was hacked
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Preferred solution: Resolution to hacked situation

User's recommendation: Use another email server

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