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I have had aol since I purchased my 1st computer. Pop ups & misguided, meandering access to promised stories is very frustrating.

Whereas I would follow stories & articles on aol, I now go to Google. Popups & hair-triggers leading to unwanted ads & rabbit holes have been frustrating, & now I frequently give up when accessing story with interesting headline or pictures leads me no where I care about or want to pursue. At this point I would no longer recommend aol to a friend. This past year has since, from my point of view, a frustrating decline in my aol experience.

Ad money is important; but if overdone, it has me turned off to my overall feelings & experience with aol. Viewing stories takes too long because lay out forces me to have to go through annoyingly placed ads to go to the next step in an article.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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