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In plain terms, IT SUCKS! and yes, I am looking else where for online service.

No longer can hide at sign on screen. To many "coming soon" notices. Why wasn't everything ready at the same time? Soon as I can find another service I will be leaving AOL.

You had a good run but, I'd fire who ever came up with this mess! What is this so much better? I see things that have been discontinued and hard to find info on other things.

If its not broke, then it doesn't need fixed! Always looks better on paper and sounds good in a persons head but, that doesn't mean its the best thing to do of "doesn't mean it will fly" as with aol gold, more like a lead balloon going over Lake Erie, SINKING FAST!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Gold Desktop Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Aol Pros: Older version of aol desktop, Aol before gold, Previous versions of desktop.

Aol Cons: Have a junk product and then decide to charge for it, I am very disappointed in aol gold, Aol gold and having to switch.

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