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"Nasty, Nasty" customer service and loss of all my aol favorites...You at aol have made your biggest mistake yet , not only did you throw a new system into place, called aol shield, it is the most absolute confusing system I have ever tried to figure out and you charge for everything on the planet , fees of $3.99 and $4.99 and $7.99 and more $7.99's , that I ended up paying you $250 to $300 a year for absolutely nothing . Now you tell me that my computer because its a windows vista is not capable of transferring into your so called "gold" status so i can get over 300 of my favorites back that ill never ever see again...some of which mean more to me than you at aol will ever be able to comprehend, but do you care....not for one second, because your to busy *** people off and to greedy ...greedy, i can sometimes understand but outright taking a piece of someone life that was stored under favorites in your aol world just decide to eliminate took and i will never get back my 20 years of aol favorites can you in your little tiny aol world even think you have done the correct thing and not having the capability to transfer everything to a new, really screwed up system...but that's ok, I know what your thinking...this guy is just one person and he will just have to get over it....well the way I look at it, that's what wrong with this country and corporations such as the one that you "try" to run and completely forget about customer service...

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Gold Desktop Application.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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