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Has anyone figured out how to move the favorites out of the new AOL Gold , over to Internet Explorer or Chrome? I cant figure out a way, even copy and paste doesn't work.

I cant stand looking at this new AOL Gold anymore and have to get rid of it...too many ads, mail is a mess, not sure where any improvement has been made. Long, long time user of AOL, pretty much since its beginning, but no more.

It was fine before they changed it to Gold, and to have to pay now, forget it. I wouldn't mind paying, it it was for improvement, but not this mess.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Gold Desktop Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Aol Cons: Aol gold.

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I am definitely not a fan of AOL gold either.... the smaller viewing area when writing emails due to large CC: and File attachment lines; alphabetizing favorites when I had them arranged by importance; making it impossible to locate Organize files for backing up if computer crashes (which it just did): and I really miss AIM for keeping in touch with family!!!!!!You can use import Wizard to transfer old favorites to Gold, but I don't have a clue how you would transfer them to other browsers.

Heck, I don't even know how you find them.

Where is AOL Gold even stored in the computer? I did a search for AOL, Oath, my screen name, and a couple other things and none of them came up in the search.


Same happen to me. I had AOL for over 30 years, till AOL Gold show up, which was a real mess. So I removed from my PC, Now Microsoft is getting the same way, I can't restore anything without purchasing again a new product code.



If you have a backup of the PFC files from a previous version of AOL you can convert your favorites to HTML which will magically go into Chrome for sure, and maybe others. Use the above link. I was able to do it and I am in no way proficient at this stuff.


I figured out how to get them out of aol 9.8, this may work for gold too. I used linkagogo site to convert the file aol software stores on the computer into a text document.

Find the file in your most recent aol program called ORGANIZE, in it will be a list of your screen name with file extensions like .abi .bag. aby . The one you want to convert is your screen name without a file extension. Its probably going to be the biggest file in the folder, mine was.

When you click the button to convert, it will take a while but it outputs the file to a browser page so you can go through it and copy/paste the addresses to somewhere else.

I found this worked after trying PFCex. There's also ePreserver and Systools programs that do this stuff too but they aren't free.

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