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The new gold is hard to read, doesn't have the same features and looks amateur. You can't do half of what you're used to as a 19yr client!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Gold Desktop Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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fully agree, AOL was a good tool at some point, then they lost there vision

The features such as pfc save, auto send and receive and downloads, and such are gone

In it place are just angry users who wanted to keep things the way they were as they worked

When I finally got a chat with tech service, I think they are also fed up with all the angry folks out there, and sympathise with them, as they are just the ground grunts

The hardest thing to do now is get the mind into Outlook or Thuderbird as the "Desktop" and then transition out to a solid service such as Startmail or Proton


I have transitioned from AOL GOLD, since Gold came out, went to Startmail using Thunderbird. Outlook was really slow.

I have not looked at the comments in 2 years so forgot how much I detested AOL Gold. That and the constant garbage to read all the time while trying to get your emails, whew, do not miss any of that The good news about Startmail is there support.

Just great and nice, and very helpful. Kudos to Dr Albrecht for this

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