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Time to quit "AOL (fool's) GOLD." What a rip-off. Nothing works and all of the features that made aol attractive are eliminated.

Trumped again! I try to send a review but am told I must write more, a 100 words. (Holy Batman, and I'm only up to 52!) I better keep going or... was that -- something at my door?

Copy and paste is a joke, The (hahahaha) Joker Joke, it doesn't work. How do you send out software with a copy and paste feature that doesn't copy and paste? It works like this, à la Trump: take the best (or not) and leave the rest. Serious, if you copy and paste 5 photos, GOLD only pastes 1.

Why? I spent and hour and a half on the phone with a tech who remotely took over my computer and he couldn't figure it out! He apologized. He went away.

'Times New Roman 12 point' copy and pastes 18 and 24 point into a new email; the 'wallpaper' feature is gone; most fonts have been eliminated; advertising is disconcertingly on the far right of the email, which leaves a smaller field to write into, unless one is okay with stretching the page across the entire screen, making it difficult to capture other pages behind the email. It's a mess. When I call customer service again, Trumped again! They're "working on it;" like health care, they're "making it better," and, "it will be great!

Truly amazing! You'll see. And like Humpty Dumpty, "they're going to put everything back together again, you have to wait. One customer rep told me she's 'a customer too,' you know, they all say that now: "I'm a customer too, and we just have to wait." I feel so much better now.

This was weeks ago. You wonder why folks exit 'off grid.' Really. AOL gives me a free month because I complain like a *** "when?" I ask.

How much longer do I put up with this horse manure? (I think that's a hundred words).

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Gold Desktop Application.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Aol Pros: Old aol.

Aol Cons: New email format, Undelivered promises, Any of this aol gold, Since i pay for aol gold the service sucks.

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This is unacceptable :

    1) Two emails from my daughter, who writes regularly -- dumped into spam.

    2) Automatically added e-mail address --- as coming from AOL, which it is not.

    3) The same item sent twice (to a copying service) -- resulted in double the cost

    4) Forced to say I will allow AOL to make changes -- cant open mail if not.

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