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I want my old aol 9.2 back again! Forcing us to put up with Gold is insulting and frustrating.

Things I despise about aol Gold 1. No email icon atop each page to forward on to those we wish to confer with. having to cut and paste the https address atop of our page makes our recipients suspicious of virus etc... 2.

On our favorite place page--- drop downs of our bookmarks for no apparent reason and in ability to relocate them to their original line. 3. On our favorite page, bookmarks disappear, for no apparent reason.

4. In the email section--- can no longer customize our emails with art (rainbows, butterflies, rice paper, or any other)

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Gold Desktop Application.

Reason of review: i want my 9.2.

Preferred solution: give us the choice of gold or our old 92..

Aol Pros: Earlier version of aol, Old aol version, Reliability and speed before gold.

Aol Cons: Gold, Frequent trouble unable to send mail and more.

  • Very Bad Verison
  • Aol Gold Sucks
  • Aol Desktop Gold Is Terrible
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AOL GOLD SUCKS! I can't believe that I'm unable to do something as simple as SEND or OPEN emails!

I've been trying for half an hour to access emails. After clicking to open an email it either comes up blank, or tells me to try again in 5 minutes. And trying again later doesn't always work either Seriously?? I get the same thing when trying to send emails.

I click send, it sits there and thinks about it for a while, and then says there is a problem and to try again in 5 minutes. So now I have to remember which emails I haven't read, and which ones I'm still trying to read when I go back later to try again.

This has been ongoing since GOLD (more like tarnished brass) was introduced last year. And this from a company that used to be a leader in its field.

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