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I have paid monthly for AOL for many years. The last upgrade resulted in having AOL take over my other browsers and being bombarded by constant ads and videos that I don't want to see that take forever to load.

Now...we have GOLD. I get an alarmist message about how I have to "upgrade" or else. So, I did. I now have a fuzzy, weird new screen with all this colored, difficult to read text.

Bugs galore. Many features not working as well as they did or not at all. And of course, MORE ADS, blinking like Las Vegas signs while I'm trying to read my (*&^ mail and conduct some business. Slow.

Freezes. Even accessing and saving mail is slow. I PAY for this service. Why do I have to put up with ads!

AOL did nothing to improve their service.

The changes I see only benefit them. Ad revenue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Gold Desktop Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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for 20 years i have been a member

yes an old ***

my children begged me to go to gmail.

i thought the life telephone was a life line

no one has any idea why GOLD SUCKS

they even tell me to write to AOL after many, many hours DON" T WASTE ANY MORE TIME ON AOL> OLD *** UNITE really gmail is an easy switch AOL is dea


I hate AOL Gold too. All the annoying ads.

Its very unprofessional I feel to have my email screens open in my business with ads popping up constantly.

It fails. Its difficult to read.

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