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Marie 18 hours ago #1386596 AOL Desktop Gold is the worst piece of garbage we have ever been forced to load.It was 5 out of 6 download attempts before it eventually downloaded and ran. None of the icons on the tool bar load.

Many attempts must be made to open AOL Gold Icon on the desktop screen. Oh yay, it opened but now have to wait 20 minutes until Mr. Gold decides to load, however most of the time he is stubborn and we begin again. Email folders are present, they can be opened but the actual body of the email is a blank.

Every search entry takes five minutes to load, most of the time it does not and user has to enter 3 or 4 times and have the patience to wait 10 minutes. As the user is typing, messages appear over the type. Why are we paying for excrement that is produced by incompetent software developers? I loaded DataMask several times -- scrambler does not appear.

Every few minutes new problems arise. All of my browser history is missing. Sign in screen load but password screen comes up blank. I "pretend" there is a field to enter password, type it and 10 minutes later the entire sign in screen appears again, this time with a password field.

My cat could produce a more usable product and usually does every day. There were problems with the classic AOL 9,8 and even though frustrating, those issues cannot hold a candle to this junk. Keep getting "502 gateway errors". My computer software and network are not at fault.

At fault is AOL's inability to produce a quality product. Additionally, blank screens pop up constantly.. Narrative disappears just prior to sending when creating email. I have yet to make attempts loading other features.

My computer keys can not take the punishment of more frustration with Desktop Gold. If gold were measured by AOL's low standards, gold would be worthless. One's conclusion may be that there are other entities involved in the transition. Even AOL "GET HELP" does not load - nor does EMAIL HELP load.

I was able to contact a chat person after waiting an interminable period of time, obviously an AOL employee living on Mars. The fix? Call us. My concern is that computers will become obsolete as I wait on hold.

Who is responsible for this ignominious failure and who do we see to get all of this undone ?

I require access to info stored in folders, however in most cases there is no method or work-a-round to retrieve the info. Show more Reply

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Gold Desktop Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Company must face fact that the consumer has distributed a product that is unusable. AOL must give the user options. I.E. AOL 9.8.

Aol Cons: Aol desktop gold.

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Correction ref my review above: Preferred Solution should read AOL must face the fact that it has distributed a product that is unusable .

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