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1. AOL Gold is slower than 9.0.

Why is a paid for AOL much slower than the previous versions. 2. It still has ads. It was advertised as having less ads.

It clearly has as many or possibly more. 3. It does not display all of my new emails. The Gold desktop show a number of new email, i.e.

'35' but only about 8 display. If I access my email through through another browser all new emails are displayed. I want 9.0 backed.I don't want to pay for a product that is inferior to the free version. Are there any class action suits against AOL for false advertising a improved product but providing an inferior product?

Is there any indication that Gold will improve and provide a value for the the fee being paid? If the product continues to disappoint I will discontinue my account.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Gold Desktop Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Aol Cons: Not as good as previous free version.

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I TOTALLY AGREE! I cannot even begin to tell you how mad I get with the slow speed of the new AOL desktop...

and I am sure the Ads that are everywhere has a lot to do with it. It takes me forever to send and receive emails... almost like back in the dial up days.. and I am not exaggerating .

Then, to top it off is the monthly fee I have to pay now. So now I am paying for a worse product then before.. and Ads everywhere.

I really hope AOL gets it together or I will be going elsewhere... and I have been with AOL for the dial up days...

. but I am almost over this crap.

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