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I've used AOL as my primary email since it was about the only option before Internet browsers. I stayed with them and used their desktop for the ease of switching screen names, their chatrooms, etc.

I could overlook the annoying pop-up ads and gave up on their click-bait "news" stories, but it was free. I don't use it as my browser, preferring Chrome or Firefox. Now they've discontinued access to their free desktop as of a few days ago. I thought I'd try the new paid ($4.99/month) Gold Desktop.

I hate it. All the chatrooms are gone replaced by some new ones. Can't sign on "invisible." I see no improvement or any reason to keep it, since I can access my mail through their website. I appears few are going for it.

Why pay for something worse that before? I'll be cancelling before my 30-day free trial period is up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Gold Desktop Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Aol Pros: Some features in the past, Previous versions of desktop, Old chat rooms, Multiple ims in one small window.

Aol Cons: Aol desktop gold, Whole aol gold experience, New empty chat rooms, Aim setup.

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I have a basic question about AOL...and the new AOL Gold offering...

I have had AOL service (and agree with all the downsides that have needed to be tolerated) for probably 20 years. As such, like most people, I have MANY accounts (credit cards, whatever) LINKED to my AOL address...

And, of course, my friends all have my AOL address to contact me via E-mail.

MY QUESTION, and your help please:

If I do not accept the new AOL Gold "upgrade" will I LOSE MY AOL account? Will I be unable to log in...just become a non-entity? Or will I still have some basic connection to AOL?

I am really not interested in changing providers at this point...but resent being forced to pay for AOL service, especially if it means a poorly executed upgrade.

Thanks for answering if you read this! I guess if have to BUY AOL Gold, I will...just to keep my AOL address.

But I am hoping that is not necessary. Paul Texas

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