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I have also used (and paid for) AOL for 20 years. The best feature for me was how easy and intuitive it was to save websites under the Favorites drop down, and I saved HUNDREDS of them under many categories.

Family info, medical info, tons of car stuff, travel info and on and on. I was able to migrate many of them to GooGoo Chrome & IE, but neither of those are as easy to navigate as 9.8. I tried Gold Crap on my PC for a couple months and it has gotten somewhat quicker and easier to use, but my imported saved Favorites pfc was not complete, it put everything in ALPHABETICAL ORDER, and dropped many saved websites, seemingly at random.

UNBELIEVABLE! OATH/VERIZON should have left the software alone and given folks the opportunity to pay $5 for a program that already worked fine for so many people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Gold Desktop Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I typed a LONG email complaining about this AOL GOLD and it disappeared.

AOL {{Redacted}} SUCKS. The format is ALL wrong and impossible to navigate.

I have many ICONS missing...Sound...Programs...just gone...and there is no way to sign off unless you manually shut your computer down. If I knew how to transfer ALL my stuff over the years...and I mean since the early 2000's I would get rid of AOL once and for all.

I HATE AOL!!!!!!!!

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