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why cant u go back to old way of having instant msgs, address books, etc., lots of people would rejoin. its not fair to ur old loyal customers, we really enjoyed that service, why are u punishing all f us for a few who took advantage.

please reconsider, u would get los of new members plus tons of old aols subscribers would come back. used to be so much fun talking to old army buddies and vets.

why did u change it plus ur charging now which i dont mind but im getting less of a service than last time, again its not fair to the majority of good people that love aol and have been here since the upstart of ur organization. please please reconsider, thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Email Service.

Reason of review: i like old way better, ims, address book, etc..

Aol Cons: I like old system better with ims, Address book.

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