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I hadn't realized Verizon bought out AOL but it makes sense now because we were told that if we have Verizon on our phone we didn't need to do anything more. Like you, my computer has slowed down to a snail's pace, the cursor jumps all over the page and when I type, the letters take their sweet time showing up.

We've lost some of the features that were very useful and beneficial as well. And I don't understand why some are being FORCED to download the Gold and can no longer use the previous version when other AOL users aren't being told they have to download the Gold and are still using previous versions. I know that g-mail will automatically transfer your address book over to a gmail account, and I think any files saved within AOL but not sure on that last one. I have purposely saved my files within AOL over the years (have used AOL since 1998!) so I could access them from any computer and anywhere I was and have a ton of them and would hate to lose them.

I know the free AOL on the web works fine and works better in fact (probably because it's not the Verizon version now) but I don't know if my files on AOL Gold would still be there on the free version. If I knew for sure, I'd get rid of Gold for sure! And I can't get a straight answer from AOL on this. Verizon obviously hasn't a clue on how to maintain AOL to keep customers satisfied.

This is like a scaled back (way back) version and it truly SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS!!!!! I HATE it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Gold Desktop Application.

Reason of review: Loss of features, slow running and overall it's a DOWNgrade from previous AOL. Worst thing they could've done was to turn this over to Verizon! UGH!!!!.

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