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I am so happy to read these reviews of AOL DESKTOP GOLD. This is the worst program every...I feel I'm back in the dark ages.

Like so many, I've been using AOL for over 20+ years. AOL Desktop 9.8 was fine (except for the ads). I like the feature of saved emails folders. But this...everything about it stinks: the font that is so light, barely seeing the number of new emails, no AIM, unnecessary scrolling, ads on every page of a story, having to click "NEXT PAGE" 6 times to read a story.

What's the new security, or enhancements? Give back our AOL Desktop 9.8 without charging a fee plus tax. Why fix something that is not broken? Just improve!

I now have less than 3 weeks to make my decision...PAY FOR THIS ***? I DON'T THINK SO...GREEDY AOL!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Gold Desktop Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let those who want AOL DESKTOP 9.8 keep it and for free!.

Aol Cons: Aol desktop gold.

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I have been with AOL for 25 years. This Gold software is garbage. AOL bring back the last version 9.5 or I will cancel my subscription.


AOL Desktop Gold (and associated customer service) is a complete fraud and it's time for a class action lawsuit. I also suspect some of the malicious "internet alerts", sluggishness and failing services like spell check, welcome message, you got mail alerts, folders, and other negative experiences well documented in these reviews are intentional so loyal customers who have stuck around (way too long) will purchase additional computer checkup, free scans, secure pc, mechanic, and other optional fee for service "deals" that are also a scam.

Does North Korea manage AOL customer service desk these days ? Time to move on


I don't like the Desktop Gold. Desktop 9.8.2 is easier to use and works better. I don't understand how Desktop Gold is an upgrade.


The best & most usable AOL version ever is 9.8v & this coming from someone who has had all the AOL versions since the 1990's. Aol Desktop Gold simply is not compatible with what I need.

Why can't we have the option of keeping 9.8v?? Anyone?


It is utter and complete *** and unless I want to lost my hundreds of organized folders, I must pay their extortion and use it. I AM FURIOUS and thinking about how to sue AOL.


AOL can CRAM it. I absolutely HATE HATE HATE aol desktop gold.

I WILL NEVER EVER EVER use aol again UNTIL they give us back our AOL Desktop 9.8 I have been a customer of aol for 23 years. NO MORE. SEE YA.. AOL desktop gold sucks.

Get rid of whoever came up with it. UGH. ANGRY and frustrated. IN FACT I"M so angry that even if they gave us back our old AOL I won't even use it.


Say goodbye to a long-time good loyal and FOR many many years paying customer. Bye AOL you suck!


I hate the new AOL gold not worth paying for, the old AOL9.8 was far Superior

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