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Pathetic that AOL will not let you cancel/delete a free account. They just tell you to stop using the account and that's supposed to be as good as deleting it.

Then you can just go right back to using it since AOL won't purge it from their system. What purpose does it serve AOL to keep inactive email/aim accounts? Advertising dollars perhaps? I can assure you AOL that from tonight forward everything AOL will be purged from my computer and my memory.

AOL you are a sad organization if you must keep a death grip on email users who want to purge their accounts. Pathetic.

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Same problem I had today with an 18 year account. Had to get on phone to delete my daughter's two sub-users accounts she named when she was 6 years old and now she is 21.

After doing that with them for an hour on the phone the two account are still showing. Then I was told that I had to wait 30 days before I could delete the account with the two sub users names.

This is ridiculous!! Maybe I need to contact the BBB on this matter.


I found a workaround for the deletion. I kept getting an "Email could not be verified" notification. Then I capitalized the first letter of the email address and it worked (even though my actual address has no capital letters).


it didn't work for me. and when I called them they said they cant delete the account on there end


Same problem here. I have not used AOL mail for about a month.

That was when I tried to close my account using the account closing ''feature.'' As I submitted my info, and hit enter, an error message kept showing up. If I sign on again, to attempt to close my account, the 90 days starts all over. I get no help from the Indians in customer service, they tell me to sign in. A scammer or more, are using my AOL mail to spam and or scam others.

It should be illegal to force someone to wait so long. I was also told it could actually take 12 months to totally close the account.

Meanwhile, I run the risk of being blamed for scams and spam. It's just not fair!


I tried to cancel AOL, but the guy in another country said I had to cancel usernames I uesd when my kids were little. It's impossible for them to understand if they close the main account, the others under the account will also be shut off.

AOL does not care about people. Do they get paid to distribute my info, and allow over 200 spams a month??




I keep getting threatening e-mails telling me they are into my hard drive. I have tried several times to delete the e-mail so what's up with not being able to do so?


I am having the exact same problem, after they lost 0ver 2000 of my emails and could not recover them. This explains why at one time they had over 20,000,000 members and now they have less than 2,000,000. they are truly pathetic.


My e-mail has been hacked, it's my account and I should be able to control my account period. I will go to the attorney general about this!!!!!!!


Everytime I try to do this, I either get the message "uh oh, looks like something went wrong! Try again later!" OR it says "Email could not be verified.

Please enter a valid email address." although I am using the same email i logged in with. Any suggestions?


I can't help myself from commenting. AOL is the WORST!!!!!!!!!

If you want to be hacked by every criminal and have the worst identity theft imaginable- have an AOL account. If you want to be treated like crap by someone who doesn't speak English in customer service pretending to help you, have an AOL account. - Not only did this company rip people off for years after they offered a free service, they don't allow people to delete their email accounts.

This should be against the law. This has been the worst experience EVER- YOU SUCK AOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ACTUALLY.... The deletion function seemed to go away when AOL and Yahoo infrastructures were merged, but there's a way around.Follow these steps.0.

Make sure you have changed your email address on all sites where use your AOL email before you do ANYTHING ELSE! Also make sure you have no paid AOL plans active.1. Sign out of your AOL account on ALL devices, apps, browsers, etc... I really mean ALL!2.

Go to (don't forget the slash at the end!) Sign in4. It will say you're terminating a Yahoo account. **As long as you use the url above, only your AOL account will be deleted, NOT any Yahoo account that you might have!**5.

Click the red "Continue deleting my account" link at the bottom of the page.6. Enter the full email on the account (including the part)7. Click "Yes, terminate this account"8. When you see the success screen, click "Sounds good".

You will then go to the AOL homepage.9. If you are still signed in to AOL, click "Sign Out." in the upper right corner.After the following periods (depending on the country the account was registered in), your account and all associated data will then be permanently deleted from all AOL services.Australia or New Zealand approx. 90 daysBrazil or Taiwan approx.

180 daysAll other countries approx. 40 days*If you sign back in during the waiting period, your account will be restored.

@Bill Nye

THANK YOU BILL NYE!! Worked like a charm. KEY here is to go into the prefs page "recent activity" that lists all people logged in to your account and manual disconnect them.THEN paste and she will work great.Thanks again

@Bill Nye

How long is the waiting period for US?


Any country not explicitly listed in the above post: 40 days.

@Bill Nye

OMG, your a lifesaver!!!! FINALLY!!!

@Bill Nye

PSPS: The formatting got messed up. The url is NOT supposed to have a 3 or period at the end, just the slash. This might solve any "Page Not Found" errors.

@Bill Nye


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