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AOL... You've taken a poor product that I tolerate because I go back so far with you, and do not like to change a thing I'm used to, if possible, but you took away mail setting functions that I liked, you made the icons too big, slightly blurry, colors that are bothersome, the mailbox fonts and such also too big for my reading preferences, and would have been better if more refined and smaller like the old aol versions, and Inbox Now works much differently, and to tell you the truth, go *** yourselves...

I'll give you a little time to refine the new *** you obviously used to sell something new, and most likely designed by a twit of public school and higher socialized education that is mindless, and that includes the management that okayed this ***.

You don't like my cursing? I don't like your ***-job....

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Gold Desktop Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Ask before you screw the users....

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Aol or whatever you call yourself now, do you even read these reviews??? i think not or you would do something for all of us disgruntled people. Verizon that owns you now is to huge and rich to give a crap as long as they rake in the money.

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