I contacted AOL about a blank screen popping up every time I signed onto their service. It was a minor problem but annoying, so I wanted to know how to fix it.

I ended up "chatting" with five different techs, all of whom tried things to fix the problem, then disconnected the chat abruptly when their fixes didn't work. After five people connected remotely to my computer, and worked on it, they created a problem much bigger - I could sign on (and the blank screen still appeared, but now I couldn't use the internet. Because they could no longer connect remotely to my computer (it requires internet service) they advised me to take my computer in for service. I had no choice but to do that, since I couldn't use it after they created this problem.

Servicing my computer cost $199.98. Now it was working, so I went to AOL for reimbursement of the service cost, since they created the problem and told me to get service. They said they wouldn't cover it, so I requested a manager. After a lengthy discussion with ALVIN, a supervisor at AOL, he finally agreed to cover the cost, and said I would see it on my credit card (a credit reimbursement) in 3 to 5 days.

Instead, I received an e-mail from the auditing department that they would only refund $89.70 of the cost. Upon receiving that information, I again contacted AOL who has refused to honor the reimbursement I was promised, and so I am out $110.28 for the problem they caused. I am cancelling my AOL, which I have had for 17 years, and do not recommend that anyone use their service. They take no responsibility for what their own people do to your computer.

You are at their mercy, and that will end up costing you big sums.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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