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AIM is so annoying. Every time i get my computer cleaned and have to re-download AIM.

When I try to log in it does not recognize my account and I have had to create a new account twice already. I do not want to create a third AIM account. And honestly your AIM should be your AOL account. They should be the same NOT different.

AIM is the worst and to get live help, where you actually get to talk to a person, I have to pay for AOL now, which is NOT happening.

AIM you just lost another customer. Good job :(

Keep this kind of service up and you will go out of business!!!!

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Of course AOL sucks. That's why no one uses it anymore.

I had AIM like 10 years ago but have since moved on to such modern applications as Skype (free) or iChat (free). I wouldn't use AOL or AIM if my life depended on it. I honestly didn't even know that AOL still existed and was shocked to see that you posted this complaint today, well into 2012. I suggest you modernize and explore your options.

I hope you're not still getting charged by the minute, Kip, or gramma's going to be T-O'd.

That joke's as old as your Internet connect. Godspeed.

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