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I was force to either accept the new software or surrender my account seeing that my software package was being eliminated. The $3.99 monthly fee seemed reasonable, little did I know that it would be an entirely new network that doesn't inter act with the old AOL network.

Features are not activated, may things that you click on tell you coming soon, the program constantly freezes, no private messaging system, unable to contact with old existing contacts that are still on the old system, long waits if you call in on the assist number, they are saying it will be the end of the year before the conversion is complete and everyone will be on one system again and I guess the only benefit is that it starts with a 30 day free trial. I for one will be cancelling before the fees start after 22 years on AOL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Account.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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it is horrible and getting worse...enough GOGGLE and it's free!!!!!


I agree, it is slow as a snail & is always locking my computer up.



I am paying to reboot all of the time for freezes plus email is a mess now. To delete one email now means deleting 3-4. It just does it.

I think I'm goiung to have to be through with AOL.

I tried, but it sucks.


AOL Gold is Verizon, thats why its intrusive, meant to spy, and terrible they dont care! Aol sold out to a rotten organization that has dropped people's phone service throughout the midwest and doesnt give a dam about any of their services, aol is terrible now but I wouldnt trust or use aol gold anyway! Go to another free service, avoid Aol, Verizon owns it now and they dont care, and they will intrude, and spy on your emails that is why they purchased it in the first place.


I spent a lot of time last week getting the new gold program. I was signing on today and now cannot get in to aol email at all. I have used aol for 25 tears but after this, I am fed up with AOL.


Absolutely awful. Slow as a snail.

Ads all over.

Have used AOL for over 20 years. This is the worst and I am paying for it too.


Try installing AOL 9.7 as I believe it might be compatible with Windows 10.


Aol Gold is not safe to use in so many ways, Verizon bought out Aol.


As far as I am concerned this is all a ploy to get rid of us that do not pay the monthly fee. I have been a subscriber since 1993, and in the last several years have been completely disappointed with the service, but have kept it for the email.

This will change. I have a Google email account I will be changing to.

I will not pay these Bozos one cent for a poor product. For what I have gotten from AOL the last 10 years isn't worth $4.99.


Actually youre wrong, I pay, and they screwed me too. But its no loss, Verizon bought out aol, and its not trustworthy at all.

I cant use it today period, I just tried again, I cant even get into my aol mail that I PAY for, on mail aol, nothing works.

And again, I am a paying customer who is pissed, but I found two good emails that are reliable and secure. Aol is still charging my credit card for this terrible service and today Im cancelling!


you can read your aol mail on google chrome, type in ( my AOL mail)


Don't pay for this garbage. Freezes, ads all over - so awful. TERRIBLE!


Gold is so bad... POP ups all over the place.

I constanly have to sign on again after gold says I have to reset the program. some time I have to log on 5 or 6 times before I finish what ever task

I'm doing. I cant change the sound wav file to one of my likeing.

If AOL dose not fix some of these problems in the near future I will cancel AOL for Good I have been using AOL since 1.5. I can't believe AOL is ripping off it's customers now


only way out of this is get a GMail/other account....cancel the free trial and keep the aol gold installed just to access mail....you wont be able to write or send, but you will see any aol mail that needs to ne seen/transferred to other email....


aol gold is terrible you would think a government worker worked on this garbage it is that bad

I can't save my settings,ads pop up when I look at a new web page ,chat is awful and i can't save my font color

aol deserves to be bankrupted for this disaster


I totally agree with dog 15108. It is a terrible program and yet they want you to pay for it. We will never again use aol if this is the best they can do.


What happens if I don't sign up for AOL Gold?


They disable the old AOL software on the date that he give you. You can retain your email but most other servicedS are not avaiable.

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