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I was told that the fee was $4.99. In plain language the New aol gold sucks.

If I have to pay I don't want to see ads all over my mail, reading or when I'm writing. Send to later folder is all messed up. It seems to crash more & runs slower. After using aol for 26 yrs I have a problem , all of my important banking, govt, insurance,& social connections only have my aol email address.

I can't even imagine trying to change all those connections. UGH. I read an email & clicked on 'mark unread' when I tried to pull it back up I only got the heading but NOT the info. Trying to send email to a group of friends & being told there is a problem, but no idea what is wrong.

I always used this group in my 9.8 desktop with no problems. I can't tell you how disappointed I am with this aol gold.

Besides having the audacity to charge for what is free on so many other levels it just doesn't work. I'm starting to change all my aol correspondence to another outlet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Email Service.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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AGREE and the customer service is AWFUL!!!!




NEVER give your credit card number to AOL. The charges never stop.

I had to cancel my card even though I called AOL Desktop Gold.

Spoke with Charm - no supervisor available - no corporate telephone number. What a rip off company!!!!!!!


What an abortion AOL turned into! Turns out, they couldn't care less about their paying customers.

Such a slap in our faces. Their email software is a virtual nightmare. My important mail goes to my spam folder, my superfluous mail ends up in my regular box. My saved email will be there one day and then in cyberspace the next day.

Thanks AOL, I'll be using another browser very quickly. Thanks totally to your non caring attitude.


The monthly FEE for aol GOLD is $7.99 a month. That $4.99 is for System Mechanic.

I pay for both. Call and set up for the GOLD and if you pay the $7.99 you'll be glad you did. I've been doing it for a long time now.

Nothing is ever completely FREE.................like it used to be. Enjoy.


I have AOL GOLD. I pay $4.99 monthly for it, not $7.99. Apparently they screwed that up also.


hi dooooo


Type your mes"i have technical difficult watching kennedy classics on sunday. freddie401verizon.net".


AOL Gold desktop STINKS!!! I have been AOL since I first used email years, and years, and years ago.

This current desktop version is RIDICULOUS!!! BOOOOOOOOO!


this is true for me too


You are adults and you trust AOL ?


My AOL Desktop gold has not been working properly for months, and nobody at AOL seems to know how to fix it. I also can't imagine starting over with a new email address, so it truly sucks big time. I had no problems for 26 years, and now it just closes down on me suddenly for no reason.


I just found out the aol gold is no longer on my computer. I just ordered a new malware item and they have already billed my bank account.

I want to complain, but now it goes no where. I have used aol for years and now it stinks.

I also had Verizon for my cellphone and that company stinks as well. If it ain't broke don't mess with it.


If I try to copy an address in the browser so I can paste it into an email, I am not given the option to copy. If I copy an address into an email to paste it over another address that is already there and selected, it doesn't cover; rather, it adds the address onto the one that is already there.

Why would AOL take these actions away from us? How is this better?


Why does Aol still exist? Way to support it, Verizon. Are you going to tank Yahoo next?


You know it ! Verizon makes me SICK!!!


AOL Gold is more like AOL lead. AOL freezes constantly when changing screen names.

You must control, alt, delete to clear it. AOL techs only have you reinstall AOL and that is a waste of time.

Happens on 6 PC's running Windows 7, and 10. they spend the rest of the tech time trying to sell you something else.


I agree 110% and it appears to be getting worse instead of better. I have lost countless hours fooling with this joke of a site.

I'm a 25yr customer with numerous favorites, contacts, business info, etc. all tied to AOL and it's *** poor site is forcing me to seek out other options which, by the way, happen to be free. I will be lodging a formal complaint to the FCC and FTC as well as Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection Agency.

What a shame that AOL ruined something that was working well. I blame this on poor Leadership.


My AOL GOLD stopped letting me access my email which I have always saved in my PFC, I place four calls today, (I kept getting disconnected) to Manila of all places to see if anyone at AOL could help me. Instead the woman asked how she could fix my Google account.

I've had it. The app for the GOLD is a piece of crap, 20 years of loyalty means nothing to these people and clearly customer service is a thing of the past.

They want access to my computer and I told them what they could do. I will be moving my accounts within the next two days.


Ridiculous. I haven't had any problems with AOL in nearly two decades.

Now, with GOLD, I suddenly can't log in to my account.

Also, was very unhappy with how the Favorites was changed so that I can't arrange my places within folders. It automatically alphabetizes everything though I would like to arrange places within folders by most used

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