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I was told that the fee was $4.99. In plain language the New aol gold sucks.

If I have to pay I don't want to see ads all over my mail, reading or when I'm writing. Send to later folder is all messed up. It seems to crash more & runs slower. After using aol for 26 yrs I have a problem , all of my important banking, govt, insurance,& social connections only have my aol email address.

I can't even imagine trying to change all those connections. UGH. I read an email & clicked on 'mark unread' when I tried to pull it back up I only got the heading but NOT the info. Trying to send email to a group of friends & being told there is a problem, but no idea what is wrong.

I always used this group in my 9.8 desktop with no problems. I can't tell you how disappointed I am with this aol gold.

Besides having the audacity to charge for what is free on so many other levels it just doesn't work. I'm starting to change all my aol correspondence to another outlet.

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My AOL GOLD stopped letting me access my email which I have always saved in my PFC, I place four calls today, (I kept getting disconnected) to Manila of all places to see if anyone at AOL could help me. Instead the woman asked how she could fix my Google account.

I've had it. The app for the GOLD is a piece of crap, 20 years of loyalty means nothing to these people and clearly customer service is a thing of the past.

They want access to my computer and I told them what they could do. I will be moving my accounts within the next two days.


Ridiculous. I haven't had any problems with AOL in nearly two decades.

Now, with GOLD, I suddenly can't log in to my account.

Also, was very unhappy with how the Favorites was changed so that I can't arrange my places within folders. It automatically alphabetizes everything though I would like to arrange places within folders by most used


If eel the same way. When I log on to AOL gold using the icon I get a message that asks me if I want to allow AOL to make a change to my computer.

When I say YES it allow me to log on. AOL help line has not been able to tell me what it is that AOL needs to change on my computer before it lets me logon.


I enjoyed AOL desktop for free for over a year and then head to subscribe to the $3.99 version just to keep my favorites list.


I agree with you 100%. Sickening.

Those horrible ads coming on side of e-mail slows everything down. I have had aol also for long time. The 9,8 I had was fine. I did like their mail system dble click on little heart and could stick a photo in direct and edit it.

Very sickening the whole thing. And those *** so called benefits they try to push.


AOL GOLD TOTALLY SUCKS! They got rid of the old free AOL 9.8 and other editions.

The reason is simple: GREED! I tried AOL GOLD for one week. Hated it! What a bunch of totally incompetent idiots!

When you call customer service you get some incompetent "customer service" idiot from the Philippines, Mexico City or Bangladesh who cannot even speak English!

AOL CAN GO TO *** At least the greedy S.O.B. CEO of AOL will end up rich while burning in *** {{Redacted}}


We have been charged twice for aol desktop gold plus for May and June, we I tried too cancel they said that there was nothing listed for us, but the money keeps coming out of our account and it’s double charge of 4.99. Upset and desperately want too cancel, but not getting any help ..


I don't like AOL Gold. its format sucks .

Can i just get aol e mail only? plus Favorites id all messed up .


There are several different problems which the users face while accessing their AOL account, there are several old features and versions compared to new latest features and versions, I was facing several problems while accessing the AOL gold, which I tried solving using AOL tech Support


Totally true!! This should be directed to a governmental agency for review! You are held hostage as they freeze your AOL account...


I totally agree...for the last 2 months I haven't been able to read my emails using Gold...none of them. I can send mail, but that's it...and of course, all the stupid ads that are in the way work fine...just can't read any of my email.

I cleared the cashed, refreshed the mail, uninstalled and reinstalled the program...nothing. Finally, against my better judgement contacted AOL on live chat...she did all the things I had already done...nothing. So, her advice was to call AOL because she was stumped. Why waste my time on the phone?Can't believe I'm PAYING for something that doesn't work.

I'll be stopping this within the next couple of weeks...why pay for this and have to use the browsers to read my emails?

I've been using AOL since 1996...but this is enough!! And what's worse is that they don't seem to care.


I too have been with aol for years you would think they would be getting better instead of worse Ive had nothing but problems with the gold version as bad as I hate to have to go somewhere else and change all my contact info Im really thinking about it. Come on aol if your gonna charge at least make it worth it.


Whatever ... days a come'n fur sure


The AOL gold is the greatest rip off in this day and age. It does not work.

and if it does work on a computer then will stop working for no reason. Most pathetic situation. I have been using this service since it started 35+ years ago. It used to be th best and now it is the WORST that it can be.Today I called the premium users help line and the guys wasted a lot of my time and then could not do anything.

I think it may be time to find another email system and then dump aol even after paying my yearly subscription.An example of how things can do downhill is aol these days. Very sad and stupid.

to SFA #1531604

SFA I agree- really sickening. Half the time one cannot understand their so called tech help.

Those sickening ads popping up slowing down things really. THEY GET MONEY FOR THAT FROM THE BUSINESSES.


I, too am a 25 year loyal customer who is now just trying figure out whether it’s gonna be Gmail or outlook.


That AOL Gold really sucks. Nothing but problems.

Lost all my contacts, but luckily got them back. I delete old mail and they come back undeleted. Lots of pop ups, junk mail etc. I could go on and on.

I've been a member since 1980.

Now they got balls to charge us for defective service. They should have kept the old AOL alone.


I think the problem is AOL Gold, compounded by Windows 10. My next computer will be a MAC.

to Dan #1531608

DAN- i agree. That horrible windows 10 also.

I got a new laptop as my other one could not take the AOL (gold-how about AOL rust) The windows 10 all those goofy useless apps and that horrible Bing thing (that comes on when one opens up computer) with those ugly ugly photos ugly -looks artificial like dried up ugly rock and mountains. That all takes up disk space.


Here is another issue ... In the old AOL version you saved your PFC (Personal Filing Cabinet" Folders and Emails and as long as you backed up your PC to an external drive - it was guaranteed you would NEVER lose all your info.

I too am a 20+ year customer with 1000's of emails with personal info I will NOT save to a cloud or anywhere except on my own protected Desktop & Hard Drive. Guess what ? AOL has flat out LIED ... we can no longer save your PFC folders...

so if your system crashed ALL IS LOST !!! Doesn't matter if you have an external drive back-up & program or not. They tell you to Right Click on Gold - Open File Location - Go to LOCAL Tab on top - Copy and Save "AOLDesktopData" Folder ... and then your PFC files would be saved and could be replace from your external backup drive.

I did that, but when my system crashed ... nothing was in there. Spent $100's of dollars on IT Tech to come to my house, after spending about 20 hours with countless AOL HelpDesk Techs ... and then was finally told by 1 honest person at AOL that the Sr Developers advised him: "The Backup Folder doesn't work & it probably never will" !!!

What the Heck - that's the only reason I use AOL Desktop. I am considering a Class Action Lawsuit !!!

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