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I was told that the fee was $4.99.In plain language the New aol gold sucks.

If I have to pay I don't want to see ads all over my mail, reading or when I'm writing. Send to later folder is all messed up. It seems to crash more & runs slower. After using aol for 26 yrs I have a problem , all of my important banking, govt, insurance,& social connections only have my aol email address.

I can't even imagine trying to change all those connections. UGH. I read an email & clicked on 'mark unread' when I tried to pull it back up I only got the heading but NOT the info. Trying to send email to a group of friends & being told there is a problem, but no idea what is wrong.

I always used this group in my 9.8 desktop with no problems. I can't tell you how disappointed I am with this aol gold.

Besides having the audacity to charge for what is free on so many other levels it just doesn't work.I'm starting to change all my aol correspondence to another outlet.

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Thr gold is really "Lead" what a joke...massive problems...


AOL Gold tech support seems only interested in passing the blame for its problems to others.This is a sure sign that AOL is no more.

The AOL model is a remnant of the dial-up bulletin board system decades ago.Put it down!


I have been using AOL since 1994 so needless to say, I’ve provided my email address to many entities.Don’t like paying for an inferior product and will start migrating to another service.

Kept AOL even after many rude comment and jokes but my feeling was, If ain’t broke, don’t fixit - well looks like it finally broke!: (




Ditto! Can't even download it even though I have Windows 7.




I find it amazing that AOL chooses to force people into a paid product when their users are dwindling anyway.Perhaps this is an intentional way to get out of the e-mail business?

I have been with AOL since the very beginning and this is finally the nail in the coffin for me.Why would I pay for AOL when gmail offers a superior free web interface and the AOL Gold software will still have tons of annoying advertising?


AOL gold is not what I wanted so you High jack my email without notice after over 25 years of service is truly not good consumers friendly. Good-bye AOL . I used aol for everything.


and you can't make changes to desktop. It's listed as beta - I take that as a test program and you have to pay for it. Try to read something and you spend your time closing ads.


I have been a user of AOL for years, this new gold program is a joke I have had nothing but problems since I uploaded the new gold.

They should have called it junk instead of gold, the only gold is the amount that they charge us for this broken system.

If something doesn't change soon I will be forced to leave AOL for a more reliable service, it is a shame after 25 years or more to be forced to switch providers

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