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I was told that the fee was $4.99.In plain language the New aol gold sucks.

If I have to pay I don't want to see ads all over my mail, reading or when I'm writing. Send to later folder is all messed up. It seems to crash more & runs slower. After using aol for 26 yrs I have a problem , all of my important banking, govt, insurance,& social connections only have my aol email address.

I can't even imagine trying to change all those connections. UGH. I read an email & clicked on 'mark unread' when I tried to pull it back up I only got the heading but NOT the info. Trying to send email to a group of friends & being told there is a problem, but no idea what is wrong.

I always used this group in my 9.8 desktop with no problems. I can't tell you how disappointed I am with this aol gold.

Besides having the audacity to charge for what is free on so many other levels it just doesn't work.I'm starting to change all my aol correspondence to another outlet.

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AOL Gold...same deleted or saved emails keep popping up day after day under old emails.

Have to spend 20 minutes every day to clear them only to find them back when I hit old emails.

The chutzpah that we have to pay for such inferior service & tech support has no clue what is going on.They want to sign you up for another paying feature to get support.


Old version of aol works much better (if you can call it that) than the aol "gold". It's more like aol RUST


I'm all set as I still have AOL 9.7 running on both of my Dell computers.


Aol gold sucks.90% of the time I get error to load account.

Try again.

This goes on all day.I can't even get on to cancel the f#@king thing.


I helped a friend install her AOL Gold as she received numerous emails advising her to switch over.The main problem now is that when she accesses her favorites, the pop-up blockers take over.

Even after they are white listed, the website home page opens and quickly disappears to a blank screen. I've tried restarting the computer after I allowed pop-up blockers, and that worked a few times, but the next time you try to access the site, it does the same thing again. My efforts to contact AOL have wasted countless hours and gotten me nowhere and is creating stress for my friend.

She is able to use the old version, but is continually interrupted with messages advising her to change over to Gold.Is anyone else having this problem and has been able to work through the bugs?


Spent 4.5 hours waiting for aol gold to import my old pfc, only to find it

imported the wrong version of my favorites (even though I only have the

one other aol program - 9.8.2).Then spent 3.5 hours on a remote tech call

where he repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled gold with the same results,

even after isolating my current pfc to a flash drive, uninstalling everything,

and using that to reinstall 9.8.2 fresh, add back my correct PFC (which is the correct version thank god), then install gold again from that.

After 2.5 more hours, the importing completed and it's a mix of MOST but not all of my favorites plus almost as many favorites from the older outdated version, and the folders are in a different order, as are the contents of the folders, making it very hard to find things (especially the missing ones). In addition, the dropdown arrow that made navigating the old aol version's favorites is not present on gold, making it much more laborious to locate favorites. I have already seen the "not responding" screen freeze several times on gold. This had been an ongoing problem with the last several versions of aol desktop.

To top it off, many of the help pages refer to instructions that just don't work on gold, and many features say "not available yet" or "coming soon" or something like that. Lastly, you can no longer change the irritating "welcome", "you've got mail", or "goodbye" voices like you could...

I resent having a buggy beta version foisted on us through intimidation that our current browsers will soon be nonfunctional if we don't.Someone really didn't do their homework on this mess.

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I think AOL Gold is AOL Lead!Much slower to download anything now or get my emails.

Now it is sometimes showing new emails as read and I haven't even opened them yet, usually whatever top item is. Sometimes dumps message into old mail when I haven't yet looked at it.

Anyone else with this problem?Spent 45 minutes on hold today when I called, still no answer, just put on hold once more.


I agree,it sucks.

worse we have to pay for it.

My gripe is that I have several email addresses,used to be I dont have to switch my email account to find out if the others have emails unread.

now every morning I have to logoff and log on to another email address to find out.

the old time AOL folks must have been poached by Macy,kOHL of the world and the new bies do not know.

very frustrating


I've been a member of AOL since I first bought a computer in 1997.Through the years I can honestly say I have never purchased or used any product that is as flawed as AOL.

There were times when it was frustrating as all get out! Constantly having problems, constantly having to contact support for help solving issues that AOL themselves created. Yet, it was in my humble opinion worth it because it seemed easy to navigate when it did work. Still, I told myself when something better comes around I'm going to change.

I probably would have kept dealing with the problems but now they insist on "AOL Gold". I spent the entire day the other day trying to do their upgrade. I talked with three different support people. One of which hung up on me!

His name was Ruel.

In the end, they couldn't figure it out. Two of the techs even tryed "taking control" of my computer with the Bomgard software. One of them couldn't even figure out how to disable my virus software long enough to allow the new program to load.

Even I know how to do that but he wouldn't listen to me because he said that's not how it should be done. He was abrupt, very short tempered and just plain rude. I have absolutely no problems anywhere else on the internet. No sites I can't access, yet AOL techs were trying to blame literally everything and everyone else.

But in the long run, I have to thank AOL. Although it's a huge pain, I've saved my favorite places, and am now...

It might be a huge pain to switch over to someone else, but quite literally EVERYONE else is better than AOL.But what the heck, I'll save nearly $40 a month now....

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to Tom #1376386

I totally agree Tom. Went through the same issues and I have been with AOL for 15 years! Considering switching

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