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After switching to AOL Gold, I lost my AOL Calendar which I depended upon a lot for reminders. They say they are "working on it", but I am beginning to wonder.

I have contacted them around 3 times to see about the progress, but it's still "working on it." Right after going with AOL Gold, they lost all My Favorites and I had to download them again. So far, they are still intact. Sometimes when I delete E-Mail and click on "Recently Deleted" the E-Mails are gone permanently. I want to be the one to decide when E-Mail is deleted permanently!

Sending E-Mail can be very slow. At least it' still easy to create group E-Mail addresses. I certainly hope that never changes! They said it would be $4.99 a month; it's still $26.99.

What's up with that? There is a saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Another way to say that is "If it ain't broke, don't break it. AOL 9.8 worked just fine. They should have left it alone!

I can see by the revues I have read that I am not alone in my opinion of AOL Gold. I am just hoping that Oath and Verizon are actually reading those revues and take some long-awaited action to fix stuff!

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type in keyword calendar. The cal came up for me CHRIS CWM030@AOL.COM

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