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Aol Gold is a new aol service that I was forced to give up my old aol account and get the new AOL for a small monthly fee. Unfortunately I am very much disappointed.

It is very slow to sign in, emails open as blank and it freezes up all the times. I am very much disappointed. I be leaving Aol after being a member for over 14 years. Also there in no private viewing and the top speed that was on the old Aol is eliminated.

The function of adding unwanted emails to a block list is not there anymore and most importantly is this.

Aol Gold does not support Java. It does not allow the users to play Java games that is used by so many to plat with their friends on line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aol Email Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am so mad at aol gold paying a monthly fee and I continuously get OOPS messages either saying connection changed or something went wrong. What is the problem. Must I give up aol after 18 years?


My AOL Gold keeps booting off when I'm going through my emails or when I go on certain websites. Anyone else having this problem?


Yes and it is beyond annoying! It is now happening to me about every 5 minutes and that is no exaggeration.


Why should I have to pay for AOL gold when I am already paying for AOL every month and have been for over ten years?


How do you get rid of AOL gold when you can still use regular aol without a charge. There is no difference really. It freezes etc and sometimes can't get emails and no other service charges.


AOL Gold is a disaster for the customer. It is plagued with problems, they have no way of fixing it, has monthly service charge, slow, customer services has the job of telling you know that they know it is broken and cant fix it but they still like your money.

Original AOL was adequate and user friendly. Do not sign up for this if you have a choice.


I have AOL Gold and have experienced freezing, unable to open emails, weird things. Recently I contacted my service provider thinking it was a problem with our internet service as well as contacted HP in case it was my computer, but neither found anything wrong. My last resort is to switch back (if possible) to AOL, it was so much better.


I am disapointed with this new AOL. Can no longer chat with friends like we use to.

Can no longer see if our friends are on line, no longer able to show if we are away from computer etc. Spam mail is filling up my mail box every single day and its rediculous !!! And you want to be able to read my messages !!!

You want total control of what i do???? I have been a loyal member since back in the 90"s but i am not fond of this AOL Gold !


I agree I hate AOL GOLD and yes I feel I was forced to get it and pay for something that SUCKS. It is the worse AOL I have ever had in all my years of using it.

I wish I never did it. Don't bother wasting your money because it is a waste!!!!!!!!


i hate aol gold! either can't sign in at all or get only sound or the picture disappears over and over. can't you geniuses fix it??


I think AOL is the a rip off! The ad pop ups stop the viewing of articles to be read. It is disgustingly over run by advertisment and the articles jump in order for the ads to be initiated.


For the last 3 days, part of my EMAILS are showing up blacked out. HELP> I am paying $4.99 month.

Please FIX.!!! Tell me what to do.


Any one know how to transfer your buddy list and favorites so I can get the *** out of hear too?


I wish I knew how to do that also cause I would dump AOL


I totally agree. I waste countless hours trying to sign in and get connected.


I also am having difficulties with AOL Gold. Currently unable to even pull it up.

I also am thinking I need to consider ending aol. The price keeps going up but the service is going down hill.

We were all forced to convert to Gold or aol would not work. Not pleased with this new software.


I agree 100%. Got rid of AOL when they changed to AOL Gold after being a customer for almost 30 years. AOL Gold was TERRIBLE !!!!


One of AOL's first coustomers and the new Gold that was forced down my throat is now not loading. When it did all I got was spam and advertising. The company should be ashamed!


AOL Gold is really a bad program. I want my old program back.

I am trying to cancel the AOL program but as usual reaching the powers that be is almost impossible.

Sooner or later I will win. I smelled trouble the minute Verizon stepped in.



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