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Aol Gold is a new aol service that I was forced to give up my old aol account and get the new AOL for a small monthly fee.Unfortunately I am very much disappointed.

It is very slow to sign in, emails open as blank and it freezes up all the times. I am very much disappointed. I be leaving Aol after being a member for over 14 years. Also there in no private viewing and the top speed that was on the old Aol is eliminated.

The function of adding unwanted emails to a block list is not there anymore and most importantly is this.

Aol Gold does not support Java.It does not allow the users to play Java games that is used by so many to plat with their friends on line.

Review about: Aol Email Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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I've been an AOL customer for over 20 years.Last October I was forced to upgrade to AOL Gold or my AOL would stop functioning.

This version is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever experienced. I have at least 50 problems. How do I find the time to tell customer service each and every one. I don't.

And yeah, I agree with everybody else: It is slower and locks up all the time.

Today, February 21, AOL is apparently having major problems.I can't even read my email.


add me to this list. WORST CONFIGURATION OF AOL I HAVE EXPERIENCED. agree with all problems stated


No wonder, now i know why my lap has been running soooo....CRAPPY....


Aol Gold has almost ruined my computer and at $ 5.99 is a....RIP..OFF..for the Consumer...


You pay for it and they still smother you with ads. If I'm going to pay for something I shouldn't have to put up with ads. I agree, it sucks.


I am told you can't download Aol desktop gold in the UK, is that right?

I too have been an AOL customer since 1998 and found it very user friendly. At the moment I am using Chrome to get in and finding it time consuming and of course can't use "favourites" or my own icons on the toolbar grrrrrr !! Is it easier to get in if I use Firefox?


The new AOL Gold is the worst ..

. if you have any other options, please do that. It is not only slow . .

. extremely . .

.I have to call them every few weeks because they simply just bump me off line and I don't even have the Icon!

to Sherry Neal #1427237

I completely agree!! Looking to change over to someone else soon! AOL you are going down for your stupidity!!


AOL is about as worthless as the Democrats.


I agree with the ripped off comment.

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