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The reason Aol Gold sucks the big one is because Aol didn't make it.Work began on Aol Gold right after Verizon bout Aol ( 4.4.

billion ). Verizon bought Aol, then Yahoo ( hacked 3 times in two years ) bought both. It's official title now is Oath. RAM is a big issue with Aol Gold.

Do you have at least 4 GIGS of RAM? That might not be enough. Most computers ( 3,4,5,6 yrs. old ) have 4 GIGS.

But computers should have a minimum of 8 GIGS now. Most do not. Gold is a memory hog. I have 64 GIGS of RAM ( total overkill, no one needs that much ) and I still have problems sending RAR files.

You say Gold is the problem, and when you call Aol Gold tech help, they'll tell you that it's your computer. I'm losing friends right and left just for the issue that now you have to pay. The first thing you do is to call Aol and ask for the discount price of $3.99 a month, not $4.99. They'll do it for you.

Other than that above, there's no real answer. What Aol should have done is come out with an Aol 9.9 and charged. Gold isn't ready for play time let alone prime time. If Aol doesn't dump Gold, and dump it fast, this is the end of Aol.

It may take 2 years, but it was a nice, long run.Chat rooms that once had 36 people maximum, not have.....

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